Why we Developed this Service?

Processes and systems ensure your business runs smoothly. Large companies often have a team of business analysts that help them, we want to offer small and medium-sized businesses the opportunity to level the playing field.

Does this sound familiar?

  • “Nothing talks to each other! We either have to enter information in multiple locations or go into multiple different systems to find the information we need”
  • “Errors are occurring resulting in re-work, which leads to unhappy customers, and costs due to increased time and materials.”
  • “I have an opportunity I want to take advantage of, but I don’t have the business information I need in order to make a decision.”
  • “Everybody has their own way of doing things, which slows down the flow of work through the shop. I’m sure that my business can operate more effectively, I am just not sure where to start.”

Often the cause of these frustrations are processes and systems that have become outdated as the business has grown. What may have worked well when you first started out cannot cope as you have added team members, offered more services/products or there has been increased customer demand.

Benefits of analysing your systems & processes.

  • Ensures your business is meeting the needs of you, your team and your customers.
  • Identify inefficiencies with the aim of streamlining operations.
  • Enhance productivity
  • Improve quality and accuracy.
  • Give the flexibility to adapt to changing market conditions, customer demands or business growth.
  • Identify cost-savings.
  • Focus on continuous improvement.
  • Identifying potential vulnerabilities or compliance gaps.
  • Support decision making for your business

What is involved

You will work with Aimee, who has a degree in Information Systems and is studying to become certified with the International Institute of Business Analysis (iiba.org).

It starts with an Operations Strategy Session a collaborative journey working through:

  • An overview of all the systems, processes, people and software you are currently using. The aim is to discover what is currently working well and what isn’t.
  • Identifying what an ideal future state for your systems and processes looks like for your business.

You will then be provided with an action plan that maps out:

  •  Your current systems and a high-level view of your business processes.
  • Recommendations for moving to your ideal future state.
  • A realistic action plan to be able to implement the recommended changes.

Once you have reviewed the Operations Strategy Action Plan you could then choose to implement the recommendations yourself, or we could help you delve deeper into specific areas to help determine the root causes of issues and how to solve them.

This may look like:

  • Creating simple, easy to read Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).
  • Process mapping to inform improvements.
  • Providing recommendations based on your requirements to be able to make an informed decision.
  • Providing a change management plan.
  • Providing support during the implementation process and if needed, expert referrals.
  • Set up and installation of accounting software and systems.

Sound good? Let’s get your business humming.

An Operations Strategy Session starts at $750.00* + GST.
Additional work coming out of this session will be priced depending on the scope of work required.Click the button below to book in. Please allow at least 2 hours in your day for this session.

Once booked in you will receive an email with:

  •  A questionnaire that needs to be answered at least 2 days before the scheduled session to allow for enough time for us to make sure our session is tailored to you.
  • A proposal for you to accept and agree to.

Note: We want these sessions to be valuable to you, so if we do not receive your questionnaire back in time or you do not accept your proposal, we will need to reschedule your session.

 or email aimee@accountantsondomain.co.nz if you would like more information.

* For a team under 5 and operates out of one location, price will increase after this depending on the number of team members and physical locations.